Kasey Clark Update 3/4/18

Hello Church family!
I wanted to send an update on how things are going down here in Costa Rica. I have been back
for about 2 months now and things have started to get really busy! We just finished our first
month of English classes and all the students are doing very well. I am currently teaching 4
classes with about 30 students total and giving a few private lessons/tutoring sessions as well. As
a team, ADE, has hosted several groups so far that I have been able to help out with when I am
not teaching. We have hosted college groups, a youth retreat for Costa Ricans, and a conference
for a college in Pennsylvania. In March, we will continue with English classes, host another
college group, and work on our farm up in the mountains. We have been very busy, but God has
been good and has provided.
Prayer Request:
I will need to travel outside of the country sometime between the end of the month and
beginning of April to renew my visa. Prayers would be appreciated for travel plans and safety.
Thank you for your continued prayers and support; they mean so much to me! I am excited to see
how God uses me and ADE over the next year!
Kasey Clark