This Sunday, April 18th, Miss Abby Walker will share the opportunity God has given her to serve as a missionary in Japan. We have posted her words below that she posted on Facebook. It will include an invitation to join her Facebook page, sign up for her email updates, and support her financially. Please do your best to be in attendance this week as we share several exciting updates with you!  We will be collecting a love offering to help Abby reach the people in Japan with the gospel.
“As you all know, God has blessed me with the opportunity to go to Japan as a missionary for 2 years! However, I cannot do this alone. I need YOUR help. I am looking for 75 people to partner with me at $50 a month. One time donations are great and will get me to Japan and I greatly appreciate it, but they are not going to let me stay in Japan. Monthly partners are crucial. Will you prayerfully consider partnering with me monthly and be a reason why the Japanese will get to hear the gospel for the first time? If you would like to join me in this ministry, here is a link to set everything up for monthly partnerships:
Our Annual WMO offering is Sunday, April 25th, and is the big offering received in our denomination for FWB International Missions. When we cannot go to the fields around the world, this is a way we can send those who have answered the call to the foreign lands around the globe.  I know there is much to give too and you may not be able to give to every cause or maybe you could give a bit to each cause. Giving is a sacrifice at times but we are living with a sense of urgency and in a time where sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ is so desperately needed. Will you pray and give? I promise you, Annette and I will not ask you to do something we are not willing to do ourselves. Join us in these efforts! We love and appreciate you all! 

World Mission Offering Video

It is not too late to support the Jews for Jesus ministry and Bro. Stephen Katz, who presented “Christ in the Passover” during our Good Friday service. You can follow the link provided below to make your donation or give in the regular weekly Church offering and just earmark your gift as Jews for Jesus. Remember, all of these gifts to Jews for Jesus will go to help establish their new ministry in Jerusalem.